Jonathan Chaus
Author of Underground, an action adventure set in the California desert
Sharri Cohen
Author of Sign of the Times, a satire for our time, set in the animal kingdom
T.L. Eastwood
Author of The Adventures of Dru and Chy, a children’s book about two poodles Website:
Carol Elek
Author of Two Boys and the Rustler, historical fiction children’s story about cattle rustlers
Lisa Griffiths
Author of Creepy Shorts, a children’s anthology of creepy stories. The first book in the Traveling Coin series will be out soon. Look for information on my website
Facebook – Lisa M. Griffiths, @LMGwrites
Susan Maywood
Author of the Scraps of Time Series, young adult story about time travel
Book 1- Scraps Of Time: The Hunting Horn
Book II- Scraps of Time: Back In Thyme
Book III- Scraps Of Time: Harvesting Fruits From The Past
Tami Miller
Author of the Family Forever series, historical fiction about a family living in Pomona, California
Book I- Family Forever: In The Beginning
Book II- Family Forever: Young Lovers
Book III- Family Forever: Betrayals and Blessings
Holly Iris Scott
Author of The City of Flowers, Breaking Poetry, and The Stinks
Scott Skipper
Author of Alien Affairs; Artifact; & much, much more
Donald Ball (In memoriam - 1932 to 2018)
Author of Hopscotch, (Don’s autobiography)