Author Spotlight

Carol Elek

Carol was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and spent her first fourteen years of life in Wickliffe, a suburb of Cleveland. Her family moved to Temple City, California, which is east of Los Angeles, where she lived until she married and finally settled in La Verne, California, a lovely city in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains.

Carol has three adult children, four grandchildren, and two cats. Misty, a Russian Blue is her muse. She comes into the office whenever Carol begins to write, sits on her lap for a while, then lays on a chair next to her and sleeps all the time Carol is writing. She is a smart, wonderful cat. Pepper is a beautiful black cat who doesn’t much like people. She is the opposite of Misty.

As an avid lover of California history, Carol became a volunteer docent at the Workman-Temple Homestead Museum in the City of Industry, California, and learned about California’s very complex, interesting, exciting history. The historic site contains two adobe homes and the oldest private cemetery and mausoleum in the area. The first one was built by William Workman in 1842, and Walter Temple, Mr. Workman’s grandson, built the second one in the 1920’s. The Museum conducts guided tours through both homes and holds several themed events throughout the year.

The Museum also presents story-telling events several times a year. The docents choose books that have been written in and focus on the 1840-1930 time period, which the Museum covers, and are primarily for two to four year olds. Carol, as one of the story-tellers and saw the need of a book in this period for pre-teens. While it is not written in the time period, it does reflect the way people lived and traveled in that time.

Carol hopes that everyone will enjoy reading about her first book, Two Boys and the Rustlers.


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